About two years ago, I was browsing a thrift store in Houston when I stumbled across an ancient artifact: an authentic Juicy Couture brand purse. It was a deep charcoal grey color, with the Juicy crest in pastel pink flanked by Scottish terriers, the brand’s mascot. I couldn’t help but gasp; I could hardly believe what I was seeing. With bated breath, I checked the price tag. Juicy purses back in the day used to go for anywhere between $60-$120, but this secondhand treasure was priced at a mere $20. While a little steep for just any old purse at…

I’m not religious, but I strongly believe that when a person dies, an angel in white drifts down from heaven to carry them away into the great beyond. That angel is Björk.

Björk channels this angelic energy as effervescently as always in her 1993 music video for “Venus as Boy,” and its lyrics and message exude this same divinely inspired quality.

The track has been covered more than 30 times since its release, most notably by the always lovely, equally transcendental Kali Uchis for the Youtube channel Like a Version in 2019. Its popularity among other artists proves how well…

Kat Mccollum

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